Do you need to make an organizational shift?

Mitchell Management’s expertise covers operational design, strategic planning, leadership coaching, and out-sourced COO services.


Do you want to work ON your business, not IN it?

Using proven military theory, the consulting team at Mitchell Management analyzes your organization to find strengths and identify areas for improvement. If you want to work ON your business and not IN your business, we are your go-to team. Head to our testimonials tab to learn how we've increased profitability, improved culture and positioned organizations for growth.

What Others Are Saying

Take a look at what our clients are saying about how we have helped shift their organizations into highly effective machines.


Strategic Planning

Are you prepared for the next step?

Mitchell Management leverages proven military theory to help your organization take the next step - whether that's hiring new employees, venturing into new markets or launching a new service offering. Hear from some of the clients that we've serviced under our testimonials tab.

What Others Are Saying

Take a look at what our clients are saying .


Leadership Coaching

Do you know your leadership style?

Mitchell Management's coaching helps business owners become empowered, strategic leaders in their organization. The military-based theories train leaders to communicate effectively and propel their teams to success. Visit our testimonials tab to hear about the success of some of our past clients.

Out-Sourced COO

Are you looking for a COO?

If you need an expert with C-Level experience but are not ready to bring on a full-time Chief Operations Officer, our out-sourced COO option could be the right fit for you. Contact us directly and a Mitchell Management team member will design a custom quote for you.

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    Do your managers struggle to work proactively and efficiently?

    Mitchell Management believes that mid-level managers are the backbone of organizations who have the ability to initiate growth throughout an entire workforce. Operation: Leader, MM’s leadership training course, equips mid-level managers with military-based tools and theories to create actionable plans for teams.



    Operation: Leader is a theory-based leadership course that is customized to the framework of your organization. This is the first step to improve your organization’s overall structure. Operation: Leader transforms reactive mid-level managers into proactive leaders by providing the tools needed to create actionable plans for teams and to operate effectively. In this 8-hour course, your soon-to-be leaders will learn the three basic concepts of leadership: Introduction to Leadership, Situational Leadership and Communicating Effectively as a Leader.



    Operation: Leader 365 is the next step needed to transform your leaders. This course is an ongoing mentorship that brings MM consultants into the heart of your organization on a weekly basis. During this process, mid-level managers are coached one-on-one or as a team in order to integrate theories learned in Operation: Leader into daily operations. These sessions will bring the theory of leadership to life, evoke thought and discussion, and allow your leaders to grow individually and as a team.



    Operation: Enterprise is the final step in the Empowerment Cycle. By this time, MM consultants will have a thorough understanding of your leaders, organization, processes and challenges. Operation: Enterprise provides ongoing strategic guidance on next steps for your business-- from market expansion, restructuring, acquisition, and beyond. Starting with an 8-hour strategy session with the executive team, MM consultants will help develop actionable growth plans that can be implemented seamlessly throughout your organization.

    Do operational inefficiencies limit your productivity?

    Our consultants take an in-depth look at your operation and provide you written feedback, a gameplan, on how to become the most efficient and effective company.

    Are you looking to make an organizational shift?

    By training leaders, streamlining processes and empowering workforces, MM puts companies on the threshold of growth. High-level strategy sessions with MM consultants result in actionable growth plans that can be implemented seamlessly throughout your organization.

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